Common Queries

Where are you based ?

I am currently based in and around the beautiful Brighton and Hove area. Working mainly from 'The Gym' in Hove but also work out doors too.  

I also do online training for individuals and groups from all over the place!

How do I know which training program is right for me ?

This depends on your goal and what you want out of your training. You need to think about the time it will take to reach your goal e.g. for a wedding ideally you will need a longer program. While if you just want to refresh your training you might want to consider a shorter program. 
If you're not sure drop us a call and we will be happy to talk you through it.

Why would I need a personal trainer?

Personal training isn't just having someone yell instructions at you. We're here to coach, educate, listen and help you through your journey. We help you understand how to reach your goals, create sustainable change in your life and mind set. 
Its an investment that keeps on giving even whens its over.

What to wear when exercising ?

Clothing should be comfortable and allow you to be freely moving. It doesn't need to be high end brands or flash ! Below are some examples of what you could wear . 

  • Leggings

  • Shorts (not denim)

  • Tracksuit bottoms 

  • Yoga pants 

  • T-shirts 

  • Trainers (with grip !)

  • Jumpers (have something underneath if you incase you get hot!)

  • Gloves if you are outside 

  • Sport bras / crop tops 

How will the trainer know what exercises I need to be doing ?

During your consultation/ taster session you will be asked questions about your goals, exercise habits, medical conditions, injuries and life style. We will also perform simple movement assessments to see how your body moves. From this and working with you we will be able to create a sound program based on your needs. 
Personal training is supposed to be about you as the individual and thats what we do!

What should I bring to my session?

You will need a couple of essentials

  • Water in a refillable bottle  

  • Sweat towel 

  • Padlock if using a locker in the gym

  • Your workout kit! 

  • Face mask (you wont need to wear it when training)

  • Hand sanitizer 

  • Workout mat -  if the trainer tells you

  • Yourself !

How are you keeping Covid Safe?

You and the trainers safety is very important ! Thats why equipment is cleaned after every use, hands washed and sanitised regularly. And face-masks ons !

Can we do personal training sessions with others? 

Yes - you can do personal training with friends. If you want to share the fun and split the cost that is totally OK. Up to a group of 4 can do Small Group Personal Training. 

Due to the current climate in the UK training with others outside is currently not permitted, unless its just you and the trainer. 

Online training is still going ahead as normal! So grab your friends and send those Zoom links !

Is training online worth it?

Yes, yes and yes. While you may not have access to gym equipment it doesn't mean you can't workout. Personal trainers are all about adapting and creating fun an effective workouts, wherever you are !

Do you give nutrition advice and guidance ?

Yes- within the scope of my qualifications. I can provide information, educate and help you understand how you can fuel your body and tailor it to your goal.

Can I get refund ?

  • You are eligible for a refund if you have become injured or unwell with a doctors note provided. 

  • If the trainer cannot train you any longer

  • If you are doing 1-1 training in person and you move away.

  • Please note that all sessions have an expiration date which will be given when you purchase your sessions. If you do not use the sessions you lose the sessions. 

Lateness and Cancellations

  • If you are late the the trainer will try and extend your session if they can, but they are under no obligation to do so. Please be respectful or the trainers time as we are of yours.

  • If the trainer is late to arrive the session will be extended or the time missed added to a future session.

  • If the trainer is more than 15 minutes late you will be offered a complimentary  session the next time. 

  • If you cancel the session within 48hrs the session will be counted as done and you will lose the session. 

  • If the Trainer cancels the session within 24hrs, you will be offered a complimentary session. The missed session will not be counted as done. 

  • Weather conditions - if you have a session outside and the weather conditions do not permit it going ahead you will not lose the session but will encouraged to do the session online. 

How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

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Does my age matter ?

Not at All ! Exercise is for everyone and will be adapted to your level and ability. Beth has experience coaching tiny tots to those in their 80s!